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Course & Club

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Club / Course Information
Course Name
Citic Green Golf Club
Botanical Garden Longgang, Shenzhen, China.
(86755) 8484 5555
(86755) 8482 2301
Course Facilities
Dragon Lake Fishing Club
33 mins from Huang Gang to the golf club
Course Status
36 holes
Nearly Hotel
Dragon Hotel
Rights and Obligations-
1. The number of membership will be issued limited to 300.-
2. Only Members and their guests are entitled to use the Club facilities.-
3. Members enjoy free green fee when golfing in the Club’s business hours, only service fee will be charged.-
4. Member are entitled to participate in all activities and tournaments held by the club-
5. Every member can bring not more than 3 guests each time to the Club and treat as members guests.-
6. Members of the Club are entitled to treat as the Group Member in Orient(Zhuhai)Golf Club. -
7. Member of the Club can enjoy the preference in all other Orient Golf Clubs, and treat as a member’s guest in all the Orient Golf Clubs at Mainland China.-
8. Memberships are transferable 2 years after the Clubhouse officially open with the Club approval. The transfer fee is 5% of the current the membership.-
9. Corporate Member has the right to nominee and change the nominee to use the membership with the Club approved. The fee of change nominee is 1%of the current price of the Corporate Membership. -
10. Member have to pay the Monthly fee when the first 9-holes of the Golf Course is opened.-
11. Monthly fee will be adjusted according to the inflation or addition of the Club facilities.-
12. All right and Obligations are governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Club.

Special Privileges for Founder Member-
1. Family Card will be present to all Founder Members legal spouse and children (under the age of 18)-
2. 50% discount in transfer fee will be offered to Founder Member s during their first transfer.-
3. Before the completion of the 18-holes, Founder Member can enjoy 12 times golfing in one year at any other Orient Golf in Mainland China and treat as Individual Member.

Procedures of Application--
1. Any nature person can apply Individual or Corporate Membership.-
2. Any legally registered incorporation can apply for the Corporate Membership.-
3. All applicants are require to fill out Two application forms; Individual Members should attach four(4) photos in good likeness and copy of ID or Passport . For Corporate Member, the applicants should present the Corporate Certificate and each of the nominee has to attach four (4) photos and copy of ID or Passport.-
4. The application being approved by the Club, membership will take effective only after all the require payment has been remitted to one of the Club -destined Bank Acounts. -
Membership Information (HKD$)
HK$98,000 (Closed)
HK$98,000 (Closed)
Monthly Fee
RMB 380
Re-Nomination Fee
RMB 6,000
Transfer Fee
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