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We offer the first/second hand membership trading service both rental and buying/selling as well as school debentures.

Monthly Special

Club Name Type Price Rental
China Club Corporate HK$85,000 HK$1,000
Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Corporate HK$8,000,000 N.A.
Discovery Bay Golf Club Individual HK$2,300,000 N.A.
Discovery Bay Golf Club Corporate HK$2,700,000 N/A
Hong Kong Cricket Club Corporate HK$1,300,000 HK$6,000
Hong Kong Football Club Corporate HK$3,200,000 HK$12,000
Kowloon Cricket Club Corporate HK$1,500,000 HK$4,500
Macau Golf and Country Club Individual HK$1,150,000 N.A.
Macau Golf and Country Club Corporate HK$1,250,000 HK$2,500
Mission Hills Golf Club Individual
HK$250,000 Gold
Mission Hills Golf Club Corporate HK$300,000
(Corp II)Gold
Hong Kong Golf Club Corporate HK$16,000,000 N.A.
Shenzhen Xili Golf and Country Club Corporate HK$1,800,000 HK$6,500
The Dynasty Club Corporate HK$350,000 HK$1,500
Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club Individual HK$600,000 HK$3,500
The ISF Academy Corporate HK$5,000,000 -- HK$7,000,000 N.A.
Golf Membership


Everfine Membership Services Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based regional operation specializing in providing brokerage services for the sale, rental and purchase of golf & country club; social club; marina & yacht club memberships. Everfine Membership also offers the debentures for the international school, including the ISF Academy. As the prices of Clubs fluctuate to reflect supply and demand, Everfine serves as a facilitator to bring both buyer and seller to reach an equilibrium market rate, thanks to the possession of a large database of interested buyers and sellers, our customers including the multinational cooperation, banks insurance company and the listed company. Everfine helps to find you a buyer, or seller, negotiate the price, terms and conditions of sale and purchase for you. You could save the precious time by avoiding the complicated membership administration process, with more then 20 years of experience Everfine Membership has full knowledge of Club rules and documentation requirements, Everfine will give advice on how to complete legal document, collect payments, make disbursements, submit the applications to the Club, then follow through to completion of the transfer of membership.