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Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
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Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
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Set in Sai Kung’s stunning natural countryside, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) is the first location in Hong Kong position two world-class sports training institutes, namely PGA of America Learning & Performance Institute and Bruguera Tennis Academy. It is the first venue in the world housing both institutes under one roof as well. HKGTA provides a new benchmark in aspirational training and facilities by combining the concept of holistic sports wellness with the support of ancillary facilities such as our wellness facilities, overnight accommodation, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, restaurants, Kids Zone, Academy Library, Cooking Studio, Botanical Walk and Butterfly Garden within the Academy. When body, mind and soul are in harmony, we believe one will be in the perfect state to explore the potential within and be able to thrive for greatness. This echoes with our slogan “ Be Among the Greats”. 

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Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy
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