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Golf Technique


Choosing the right club is a win-or-lose decision in the game of golf. Advanced club designs and the use of new materials make club selection an art itself. Beginners should learn to tell the functional difference among drivers, fairway woods and putters. Quality bags and accessories can save you a lot troubles on the course. You can choose different balls to suit your specific needs, for example, you may go for distance, control or spin.

Tips :

Playing well means you can hole out in each hole with minimum strokes. Good knowledge in golf rules; possession of quality equipment and clubs; being properly dressed and back-up of learned technique all contribute to being a good golfer. Of course, reasonable training with numerous practices in top class fields also count. Golf is a gentleman sport in tradition and that's why it is important to learn etiquette as a courtesy on the course to honour yourself and to respect other players.

To make golf your beloved pass-time, you can try the following:

- Understand the basic rules and theories;
- Team up with your friends for regular practices;
- Forget all the theories and enjoy the pure pleasure of hitting the ball on the field; and
- If you can afford, go overseas to meet new challenges in exotic courses