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Golf Technique


Golf Ball: An approved golf ball can weigh no more than 1.62 ounces. There is no minimum. A standard golf ball should have minimum size of 1.68 inches in diameter. There is no maximum.

There are many different golf balls in the market with specific performance parameters. Smart-Core reactive technology golf ball with titanium core offers maximum initial velocity. Its outer surface coated with soft-polymer delivers firm or soft response based on impact speed. Its outermost surface is made of polybutadiene rubber compound used in the core of all golf balls.

Golf Wear: Golf is an outdoor sport in natural setting which is bound to be affected by weather. A hat, a comfortable polo, cotton shorts or trousers are your good companion. You also need a pair of water resistant, golf shoes that gives you reasonable shoe grip and stance stability with good breathability. Thick elastic cotton socks with good ventilation that absorbs perspiration are your best choice.

Accessories: good gloves with pre curved fingers offer superior fit and great hand flexibility. Good moisture control and wrist support are also qualities to look for.

Other accessories include golf bags, carry bags, tee, umbrella and pull cart.

Tips :

Playing well means you can hole out in each hole with minimum strokes. Good knowledge in golf rules; possession of quality equipment and clubs; being properly dressed and back-up of learned technique all contribute to being a good golfer. Of course, reasonable training with numerous practices in top class fields also count. Golf is a gentleman sport in tradition and that's why it is important to learn etiquette as a courtesy on the course to honour yourself and to respect other players.

To make golf your beloved pass-time, you can try the following:

- Understand the basic rules and theories;
- Team up with your friends for regular practices;
- Forget all the theories and enjoy the pure pleasure of hitting the ball on the field; and
- If you can afford, go overseas to meet new challenges in exotic courses