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Golf Technique


In reality, as golf become more popular, golf is no longer considered as an elite-only sport. Yet, having proper etiquette is still a highly regarded behavior as a respect to oneself and to other players.

- Don't move, talk or stand close to or directly behind a
  player making a stroke 
- Don't play until the group in front is out of the way
- Don't practice swing by the side of others 
- Yell warning if the ball may hit others 

Golf Wear 
Golf is a sport with long tradition, there is certain dress code by golf club to follow. Round collar T-shirt and denim tights are not accepted.

Pace of Play
- Be ready to play without delay 
- You may practice swing to warm up, and then swing
  with heart When the play of a hole has been
  completed, players should leave the putting green
- When you are in search of your ball, let the players
  following to pass 
- When you fail to hole out with reasonable number of
  strokes, start again on the next hole

Don't litter on the course
- Ensure any hole made or damage done to the putting
  green carefully repaired 
- Park your golf cart away from the green

Tips :

Playing well means you can hole out in each hole with minimum strokes. Good knowledge in golf rules; possession of quality equipment and clubs; being properly dressed and back-up of learned technique all contribute to being a good golfer. Of course, reasonable training with numerous practices in top class fields also count. Golf is a gentleman sport in tradition and that's why it is important to learn etiquette as a courtesy on the course to honour yourself and to respect other players.

To make golf your beloved pass-time, you can try the following:

- Understand the basic rules and theories;
- Team up with your friends for regular practices;
- Forget all the theories and enjoy the pure pleasure of hitting the ball on the field; and
- If you can afford, go overseas to meet new challenges in exotic courses